Adam lives and works in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He has been focusing primarily on sculpture since 2014 using a variety of mixed media techniques and materials ranging from traditional sculpting with various clays and epoxies to assemblage of found objects, collage and combinations of multiple elements.

If you want to see the most recent things that I am working on, then visit my YouTube channel or my Instgram page for the latest goings on.

“I make art from anything I can get my hands on.”

“Art is a great experiment. Art is a treasure hunt. Art is learning how to do something that you’ve never done before. Art is a mixture of materials and processes with a surprise at the end. Sometimes it’s disappointing, sometimes exciting, but it’s always satisfying. I’ve often expressed that the need to create art is like a disorder, a compulsion or habit. To see discarded objects along the highway and immediately make that connection to create something with that object.”