Cheshire Cat: Part 4

March 25, 2021

Spring is here and with it comes more progress. Now that the “separation problem” has been solved, the rest of the forms of the tree and cat need to be blocked out. At this point it’s a lot of repetitive glueing and carving of foam, but here are some of the highlights. I cut the wooden board into a rough branch shape. Some layers of foam needed to be glued on the bottom side to form the lower half of the branch.

Another layer of foam was glued on the top side and a rough branch shape was carved out. With the major elements of the tree form carved, the body of the cat was glued in rough shapes of foam panel and glued together then glued to the top part of the tree.

Until I decide how I want to block out the forms for the front half of the cat, I started carving some shape into the foam on the back. Details are not important at this stage, just getting overall shapes and proportions.

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