The curse of social media

June 27, 2020 Over the past couple of weeks, I have spent a lot of time considering the amount of time and energy that gets devoted to various social media outlets. Specifically, how much time I have spent on trying to juggle Instagram, two Facebook pages, Patreon, this website and how to “engage” with “relevantContinue reading “The curse of social media”

Getting a little “Heisenberg” or maybe “Rauschenberg”

April 29, 2020 Copper sulfate looks remarkably like the crystal blue meth in Breaking Bad. Taking some inspiration from Robert Rauschenberg, I have delved into the world of electroforming. Not that Rauschenberg did electroforming, but he was always looking to incorporate new processes and new materials, adding to the vocabulary in his body of work. Continue reading “Getting a little “Heisenberg” or maybe “Rauschenberg””